Valentine’s Day Weekend Specials – Bottles & New Beer!

Biloba has done it again – we’ve brewed some exciting new beers for the weekend & have gift bundles available for that special someone for Valentine’s Day!

Check out the excitement beginning tomorrow…

1. Our delicious Raspberry Lambic goes on sale tomorrow (2/11) just in time for Valentine’s Day. At $12/bottle (with only 200 bottles), it’s bound to sell out fast!

Gift Bundle Options:

1. $18.00 for a bottle of Lambic & chocolate bar from Indulgence Chocolatiers (3 chocolate bar choices)

2. $18.00 for bottle of Lambic & 8 oz. cheese wedge from Saxon Creamery (5 cheese options)



2. Return of the Holy Ka-Cow!

By popular demand, our chocolate ale (Holy Ka-Cow) will be on tap beginning tomorrow just in time for Valentine’s Day! With a very limited amount of this decadent beer, you’ll want to grab a pint this weekend!
This beer was brewed with chocolate malt and fermented to leave residual sweetness. Aged on Indulgent Chocolatier’s cacao nibs to produce a slightly sweet, dark chocolate aroma with intense chocolate flavor.


Look forward to seeing you all this weekend – Prost!

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