Our name is in reference to the Ginkgo biloba tree. Ginkgo biloba is a unique species of tree with no close living relatives, with somewhat erratic branches yet deeply rooted. Here at Biloba Brewing, our approach is to craft unique beers with complexity and depth, while remaining strongly rooted in the community.

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  1. Mug Club Chili Recipe

    Recipe – Dave’s Smok’in Biloba Venison Chili

    3lbs ground venison (1/3 lb logs browed on griddle in bacon grease before smoking) (smoked for 3 hours a 165 – mesquite wood)
    2 – 12 oz cans of chili flavored red beans
    2 – 12 oz cans of chili flavored black beans
    2 – 12 oz cans of fire roasted diced tomatoes
    1 ½ cans (small 6 oz?) pablano peppers in adobe sauce (add the last ½ in if you like it hotter)
    2 tablespoons brown sugar
    12 oz of favorite malty beer (Belgian, brown ale, porter, stout would do) I used a bottle of Biloba Brewing’s own “Belgian Style Ale”.
    3 medium onions
    1 Tablespoon of minced garlic (use more or less to taste – I had fire roasted on hand)
    1 pablano pepper (grilled and smoked – ½ hours at 165 – mesquite wood)
    1 each, red, yellow and orange pepper or handful of the baby sweet peppers (grilled and smoked – ½ hours at 165 – mesquite wood)
    *Dash of cinnamon
    1 milk chocolate Hershey bar (If porter or stout, I’d use dark chocolate)


    I cut frozen, 1lb packages of ground venison into 3 – 1/3 lb “logs”. (sip your personal beer – not the recipe beer!) Logs were browed on the outside on a griddle using bacon grease. (sip beer) Logs were then set into a muslin bag (beer brewing supplies) and put on the smoker at 165 for 3 hours. (sip beer)

    Onions were diced (sip beer) and mixed with garlic and sautéed in a pan until translucent. (sip beer) (dab of olive oil and ¼ bottle of your malty beer of choice)

    Peppers were sliced lengthwise, sip beer, rubbed with olive oil and grilled just to char off the waxy skin. (sip beer) Peppers were then peeled and added to the smoker for the last hour and a half of the ground venison smoke. (sip beer)

    Smoke peppers and canned pablano adobe peppers are diced and thrown into large pot. (sip beer) Toss in onions, sip beer, beans, sip beer, tomatoes, sip beer, smoked venison and sip beer. Stir over medium heat while sipping beer. Once heated up, add in two tablespoons of brown sugar, the Hersey bar, a *dash of cinnamon (be careful on amount) and remaining recipe beer mix well. (finish beer)

    If at any time your personal beer runs out during a sip break, open another personal beer. This recipe is about a 3 personal beer recipe by the time you are done. I did smoke on one day and the cooking of the final chili on a second day.

    Transfer to slow cooker and keep on low heat and sip beer until ready to eat.

    *The cinnamon should be more of an aroma than a taste flavor so be conservative on its use. Small amount stir and smell the taste. Take it to a point you like, but be careful as I think too much will overpower the smoke aroma.

    Share and Eat!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing – we will definitely use this in the future! It was delightful! (sorry for the delayed response – messages have been coming across very slowly).

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