Anniversary Party Beer Releases!

20180415_203643Happy Sunday!

We will be celebrating our 4-year anniversary on Saturday, April 28 from 2-10pm. In planning our party and reflecting on the past 4 years, we realize we could not be successful and continue to move forward without our wonderful patrons—our extended Biloba family.

…With that in mind, we have several special beers we will be releasing at the party with the announced tapping times starting with this note:

7:00 Release in the Brewery

Old John Barleycorn       18.50% ABV        60 IBU

The inspiration for this beer was the result of our son, Kevin, bringing a new FERMENTIS yeast for us to try. The yeast, HA-18, is not currently on the market in the US. The only descriptors we had were that it can ferment 30 Plato beer very rapidly to a low finished gravity and that the yeast is alcohol tolerant.

With the information provided, we decided why not make a barley wine– big in caramel and malty flavors. We brewed it on our original Big Giant 1.5 bbl. system along with fermenting it in a Bourbon Barrel without temperature control. So, we created a 31+ Plato all barley malt beer, hopped with Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria hops that fermented to 1 Plato in just over 60 hours! To term this insane is a strong understatement! The beer remained in the barrel for 2 months, was filtered on 4-13-18 (we thought Friday the 13th was the correct date to do this) and is in carboys waiting to carbonate (we attempted to trial bottle fermentation, but the yeast just won’t go there).

This beer exhibits an upfront deep caramel nose with notes of dark fruits, malt aroma with a nutty, alcohol finish. A big body caramel, malty, dark fruit with an alcohol finish beer that is best served at 55-60 F.

A lower alcohol version (Tennessee will not allow a beer over 10% ABV to be served) of this beer is on the way to Nashville, Tennessee and will be served at the Craft Brewers Conference on May 1, 2018!


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