Lambics, Lambics, Lambics!

In 2015 we released 2 Lambics, a Kriek and Framboise, that sold out in 2 ½ hours. Since that time we have been asked when we would do another release, and today we are one very important step closer. We bottled off all 4 Lambics, and have the sample bottles in the incubator running a fermentation check to assure that the beer is fully attenuated. What we are looking for is no fermentation to show that the beer does not have any residual sugars that could cause an issue in the final bottling, if it does we need to leave it in the barrels to ferment a little longer.

We will know in about 14 days if the beer is ready, then it is off to the blending stage and finally into the finished bottle. Our blending material includes a Lambic base that we produced in 2014 that will constitute up to 20% of the final beer (it tastes fantastic). Our intention is to produce a run of 500 bottles each of the Kreik and Framboise Lambics and under 200 bottles of the mixed fruit smaller batches.

Tentative release date is after St Pat’s day!

Prost, Gordon

Sample Bottles in Incubator

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