NEW Beers & Exciting Updates from Gordon!

Hello Everyone & Happy Friday!

We realize we have not been blogging as frequently and want you to know that this is why (aside from serving our tasty brews to you!)…

If you were not aware, we have land in Kiel, WI and about 1/2 of the acreage of our farm is forested and has not been cut over since the 1850’s – the make of the forest is about 65% Sugar Maple and every year we tap the trees in February and have harvested the sap over a 4 week period. Last year we decided to turn it all into syrup & stored it in the basement of Biloba. We also have about 100 Hop bines that we harvest every year, dry, and store…which brings me to why we have been SO busy over the past seral weeks brewing and preparing for October & some FUN & INTERESTING releases!


On October 5th, we put our Pumpkin Spice beer (Punkin’) on tap for all that have been begging to have me make one, so we hope you enjoy! This beer has a nice nutmeg, cinnamon nose with a slight maple syrup background. The maple syrup is from our farm and was collected and boiled off in late March. The beer is 4.5% ABV & 22 IBU.


On October 6th, we released our Centennial, Cascade, Nugget & Bianca fresh hop Cascadian Dark Pale Ale. The majority of the Centennial and Cascade came from our farm & the remainder of the hops were provided by a few of our AWESOME customers who were nice enough to pick & supply their fresh hops. This beer has an interesting citrus/fruit flavor and aroma, but is not overly done. In brewing the beer, we added a total of 13 lbs. of fresh hops in a 40 gallon batch (equivalent to around 2.5 lbs. dry hops/barrel). The beer is 5.5% ABV, 45 IBU & 26 SRM. This is a limited quantity beer, as we could only keg off about 30 gallons of finished product due to the whole cone hops we threw in the fermenter.


Next week (Thursday, October 12th) we will be tapping a new batch of Rye of the Wort, or ROTW as a lot of you know it 🙂 This beer is a sessionable IPA that clocks in at 4.5% ABV, 45 IBU, and is hopped with Citra & Mosaic hops!


Last, but not least, our Saison on Oak will return in October!!! The beer has been gently aging in wine casks and is finally ready for release! We are aiming for Wednesday, October 11th to serve it up, but watch our Facebook page for any updates. As with any small batch barrel aged beer, the barrels determine the final flavor and this is a nice “vintage” that should hold us over as the next batch goes into the barrels in a week or so. Our desire is to get this beer up in volume so that we can clench your thirst, fill your growlers, and keep everyone satisfied, as we know it has been a loooooong wait for you Saison lovers!

saison on oak.png

Lastly, FIRKIN FRIDAYS have returned after a long hiatus (again due to all this brewing that has been going on). Tonight, we tapped a firkin of our Smokin’ Gramma on Irish coffee – she decided to take a trip to Ireland for a while but is back and brought some Irish coffee with her to add to this already delicious beer. As always, watch our social media outlets for upcoming firkins that are sure to please you!


Thank you for your patience as we continue to brew – we hope you are as excited as we are to try all of what we are creating!

Gordon, the Wort Hog & Brewmaster Extraordinaire



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