Upgrades Coming to Biloba Brewing!

Bier Garden

When we purchased the building at 2970 N. Brookfield Road, we proposed to the City the construction of an outdoor seating area in the front parking lot. Over the past few months we have looked at different arrangements and have lined up a contractor to complete the project.

Starting July 21 construction of the Biloba Bier Garden will be initiated with the following timetable.

  1. Excavation of the parking area will occur on July 21 – 22nd during which time the lot will be leveled to the slope of the side walk and dropped approximately 2 feet on the building side.
  2. Construction of the new surface will start on the 24th and be finished on the 25th, depending on the weather cooperating!
  3. Retaining walls will be put in place once the cement work is cured with installation of the fence, tables and a few other items.

During the initial phase of the project, this weekend, you will not be able to enter from the construction area. We are asking that you park in the municipal lot on Pleasant Street to the East of Biloba and enter along the South side of the building to the front door. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are only thinking of your safety.

We are hopeful that the new area will be ready by the end of the first week in August, but again this depends on the weather and materials.

Building façade improvements

Over the next weeks we will also be starting façade improvements to the building which will include: painting the exterior, windows, window boxes and other items. Follow our social media for more information regarding these projects.



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