Holiday LIMITED Bottle Release This Saturday!!!

WHEN: Saturday, December 17th from 12:00pm – 3:00pm (NO EARLY SALES & MUST BE PRESENT TO PURCHASE!)

WHERE: “New” Biloba Tasting Room (2970 N. Brookfield Rd.)

NOTE: Tasting Room is NOT open for anything aside from bottle sales


  • Smokin’ Gramma Sourpuss: $15/bottle & 2 bottle/person MAX (200 bottles total)
  • Quatro Frutta Wild Ale: $15/bottle & 2 bottle/person MAX (200 bottles total)
  • Night Out Bourbon Barrel Stout (last year’s): $20/bottle & 1 bottle/person MAX (24 bottles total)

1. Smokin’ Gramma Sourpuss

2 years ago we brewed a batch of Smokin’ Gramma and put away 110 gallons in freshly dumped Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels. To make this beer unique, we added a select lactobacillus culture and allowed the beer to rest until we pulled it for bottling as well as a future tapping.

The bottle pours a nice brown copper color with a slight off white head that dissipates quickly. This beer is lightly carbonated with aromas of dark fruit, caramel, raisins, bourbon and leather. Medium body with a strong sourness upfront, dark fruits, caramel backbone, vanilla and bourbon notes. All of these flavors slowly fade into a sweet/sour flavor that slowly fade off the tongue. This beer is best served slightly chilled and definitely opens up as it slowly warms to room temperature. This beer is a great winter warmer best drank out of a tulip style glass.

As part of the holiday celebration, we have decided to do a partial release of 200 bottles at 8.25% ABV

2. Quatro Frutta Wild Ale

1 year ago we brewed a special base beer and put away 60 gallons in a once used pinot noir barrel. We inoculated this beer with a select lactobacillus culture to give a mild sourness, as well as an in house wild brett strain. One month before bottling, we added red currants, rhubarb, cranberries and strawberries. This beer has a mild sour taste from the lacto, and a late tartness from the fruits.

The bottle pours a light tan reddish hue beer capped off with a nice white head and subtle aromas of rhubarb, currants and cranberries with an over layer of fruity brett. With a medium body the beer exhibits a velvety mouth feel. The flavor is upfront light sourness, followed by the various fruits with a strong tartness that lingers then fades off the tongue with time. This beer exhibits a nice dryness from the French Oak barrel aging and is a pleasure to sip while you think of spring. This beer is best served chilled, served in a tulip style glass and allowed to warm while you enjoy.

We have also decided to release the total run of 200 bottles 6.0% ABV (limit 2/person @ $15/bottle)

3. BONUS – Last Year’s Night Out!

Since we were unable to produce a Night Out Bourbon Barrel Stout this year, we are going to offer 24 bottles that we have had cellared for the past year (limit 1 bottle/person @ $20/bottle).


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