New Beer Friday!

Celebrate the tapping of 2 new beers tomorrow with us!


Lazy Dog IPA: 30 IBU, 5.5% ABV

This is Mapils batch 69 from May of 2015 that was put into a Pinot Noir wine barrel to age out as an experiment. We were so happy with the light color and slight berry flavor that we thought why not bring back Lazy Dog! We made Lazy Dog in 2014 using a new experimental hop that I found at the Craft Brewers Convention that year and traded malted milk balls for. Originally called Hop #05256 it has now been renamed Eureka and has a black currant, dark fruits,  with slight herbal, pine and orange notes. In a Pilsner it really shows a nice summer quencher flavor and is the last beer we have kegged in the old brewery.

Apple π: 6.0% ABV

This is an experimental apple ale with a dry finish that is formulated gluten free. The aroma and taste is of apples with a very slight grain note in the back ground.

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