July 2016 Exciting Brew News!

Planned Biloba Move
If you have not already heard, the rumors are true!

We have purchased a new building at 2970 W Brookfield Road – right on the corner of Pleasant Street & Brookfield Road. This building will allow for a larger tasting room to better accommodate our customers and a 10-barrel brewing system which will allow us to produce larger batches of beer in a more time efficient manner and the ability to distribute.

Demolition has begun and the space is already transforming! Here is a sneak peak to the progress that has been made thus far. Watch our social media outlets every Tuesday for new updates on how the building is coming along.  #Transformationtuesday will keep you informed of the progress being made and a closer look at all of the hard work going into what will soon be the new home of Biloba Brewing!

Check out an article that was recently published in BrookfieldNOW here.

Bottles, Bottles, Bottles
Think that the heat stopped us from bottling new brews? Think again – we are always working hard to make sure our customers get the best beer in town to share with other thirsty beer lovers!  This past week we bottled our Berliner Weisse, which is a cloudy, sour, white beer perfect for the hot summer days. This beer was produced one year ago, aged in a Pinot Noir barrel for 12 months with apricots added 6 months ago. The beer was then aged with both Brett and Lactic bacteria, and finally re-fermented in the bottle.

It will be making its’ debut THIS Friday and will be available for $10.00/bottle.  As always, this beer will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to purchase it this weekend!

In the upcoming weeks, we plan to bottle four additional beers, so get ready to have your taste buds be blown away!

1.     Sour Smokin’ Gramma: A sour version of our original Smokin’ Gramma
2.     Super Smokin’ Gramma: A high alcohol version of our original Smokin’ Gramma
3.     Wild Hefeweizen Ale: Aged in a Pinot Noir barrel, re-fermented with rhubard, currants, strawberries & cranberries
4.     Saison Ale: Saison aged in a Chardonay barrel, then blended with a fresh batch of Saison

Upcoming Events

Parkside 23 Farm Supper 2016
Sure we might be a lean crew, but that has never stopped us from both attending and hosting events.

For the second year in a row, we will be serving our beer at the Farm Supper event hosted by Parkside 23 (where our beer is also always on tap!). Throughout each course one of our beers will be served that best compliments the food and we will be educating as to why we chose to pair the beer with the food.

A wonderful event hosted by a fantastic restaurant.

4th Annual Wilson Center Guitar Competition & Festival
If you have not checked out this unique and impressive event in the past, mark your calendars now for August 18th through August 20th.

The guitarists that will be competing are extremely talented (from all around the world), AND our beer will be on tap for all to enjoy, so jam out to some tunes & grab a Biloba brew.

Check out additional information here

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