Customers Give Back to the Community on St. Patrick’s Day

A big part of Biloba’s mission for the brewery is giving back to the local community. Giving back can take many forms; be it charitable contributions, a place to meet up with friends and family or a place to engage new people in conversation and possibly make a new friend.

We have always been proud to hold fundraisers, at our discretion, for worthy causes and feel we have a strong record of giving for being a small business. Starting to 2014, we raised and donated $1,854 to several different groups and causes. In 2015, we again gave $2,992 back to worthy causes. This year we are already well on our way to surpass last year’s contribution, due to the generosity of all that come in. We cannot express our gratitude and thanks enough for all of our wonderful, giving customers.

Our St. Patrick’s Day party was evidence of how generous our customers continue to be! The Waukesha Food Pantry benefited from our collection of over $700 worth of food and nonperishable items. We knew that our customers would donate but were not prepared for the amount donations collected. One barrel was nowhere near enough! We are fortunate to be able to help others and know our customers feel the same way. A HUGE thank you from the crew at Biloba to all the great individuals that actively demonstrate paying it forward!




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