CONGRATS & Thank you WCTC Graphic Art Club!

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Last fall, Biloba Brewing was fortunate enough to receive an email from WCTC Graphic Art Club. The students were looking for a new company to work with to develop products to be entered in the Phoenix Challenge Foundation 2016 College Competition in Fort Worth, Texas.

They reached out to us to see if we would be interested in working with them to have them develop a label design for our beer, as well as other print items for us. Our answer was a resounding “YES”! We had just begun bottling and we’re excited to have some graphic artists work on some designs for us.

We met with the students and decided to have the students work on a label for Smokin’Gramma. They came back with 11 designs. Since all of the designs were strong, it was hard to choose just one. We surveyed our customers and WCTC surveyed students and we decided on a label that was popular with both groups. After months of hard work, the students collaborated and developed a Smokin Gramma label, Biloba Brewing stickers and Table Beer Menu displays.

The competition was held this past weekend in Fort Worth, Texas and we are proud to announce that “OUR TEAM” placed 2nd in both Research and Concept categories! We couldn’t be more proud of this most deserving, commited, professional group of graphic artists! Last year some of the winners were from Cal Poly and Clemson which speaks volumes to the quality of education and talent at WCTC.

You will soon be seeing the labels, stickers and new table menus at Biloba! Below is a photo of our favorite students at WCTC. We are SO very thankful for all of the hard work these dedicated students put in. (This project was work outside of their class work time)

Thank you ALL for your hard work, dedication & for choosing Biloba Brewing as your focus business!


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