Belgian Style Abbey Ale Tap Release 1/7!

On Thursday, January 7th we will be releasing our new Belgian Abbey on tap and a limited number of 25.4 oz. (750 ml.) bottles later in the month. Formulated with 2 Row, Munich, Special Roast, Caramel and Red Wheat malts, this year’s version has a strong malty caramel back bone with dark fruit flavors. We decided to add an additional twist by aging the beer in a bourbon barrel for 1 month to help smooth it out.

OG: 21 plato                       SRM: 14

FG: 5 plato                         IBU: 21

Vol CO2: 3.0                        ABV: 9%

Aroma: Dark fruit, bourbon, vanilla and caramel

Flavor: Upfront slight bourbon and vanilla, highly malty with good amounts of dark fruit and caramel

Appearance: Light garnet reddish brown

Mouth Feel: Medium body

We used 3 different yeasts in this brew, as well as a free rise during the first 3 days of fermentation with additional simple sugars dosed in over a 24 hour period. This beer is exceptionally smooth from the short aging in the bourbon barrel and is reminiscent of a beer I made with a great group of guys about 8 years ago that we named Oaken Abbey.


-Gordon, “The Wort Hog”

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