Insight on the Night Out Bourbon Barrel Breakfast Stout from the Wort Hog Himself!

Why the name “Night Out” & what makes this beer so unique?

Everyone needs a night out and this is just the one to help on that cold, snowy winter night in Wisconsin. Formulated with 2 Row, Munich, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Crystal and Oats, this beer was then aged for 1 year in freshly dumped bourbon barrels direct from the distillery. This beer is meant to be sipped and enjoyed just like your night out that gets better as the night goes on.

OG: 26.5 Plato                                                           SRM: 40

FG: 5.0 Plato                                                             IBU: 40

Vol CO2: 2.6                                                             ABV: 13(+)%

Aroma: Sweet bourbon with chocolate, slight roasted coffee, licorice, vanilla, molasses and dark fruit

Taste: Upfront sweet bourbon, vanilla, chocolate caramel and slight coffee that fades into a chocolate roasted coffee with marshmallow finish

Appearance: Dark brown stout with good carbonation and a head that fades to a nice outward lacing

Mouth Feel: Velvet, with a medium body

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