Exciting Brewing Updates from the Wort Hog!

Last week I enjoyed time in Southern California taking in the sun, surf and beer. I had a great visit with our friends at Ballast Point and would encourage anyone visiting the San Diego area to make it a point to stop in at one of their 4 breweries.

Their 5 bbl pilot plant, Little Italy, is located near the airport and down town just off I5. All of the beers originate from this location. The plant is very tricked out and the staff is excellent to talk with. You can grab a quick meal off their board and enjoy beers that may just be the next new star of their lineup. Miramar is their largest location and is in mid-stream of installing a second new brew house at this location. The tasting room can sit well over 300 people, and is located in the middle of a large industrial park. These guys just keep growing and it is exciting to see the changes over the years from their original homebrew shop that is still brewing.

After visiting Ballast Point, I started thinking about the beers that we have that are mid brew as well as beer that will be in the lineup starting this week.

Our line up of beer on tap this week is as follows:

Section 25

Rye of the Wort

Saison On Oak

Golden Ale

Smokin Gramma

Sorachi Ace



Some Like It Hop

Cinco Granos

Cinco Granos. This beer is brewed with a pure Belgian strain being pushed to give a very strong estery profile by letting the temperature of incubation free rise up to 86 F. The name comes from the use of 5 grains: barley, wheat, oats, corn and quinoa that give this tripel a very unique velvety smooth mouth feel. This beer has an addition of sugar metered in over 24 hours at the end of fermentation to help lighten the body to make for a drinkable beer and also drives some unique estery profiles. We have been lagering this beer for the past 45 days. We put a small portion on tap while it was still too young and it clocks in at 9.75% ABV. It is very drinkable with notes of citrus and fruit. This beer is available on tap and in bottles shortly.

Saison Abeille. We brewed this beer with Pilsner malt, the DuPont yeast strain, bittering hops from our farm, and copious amounts of a local honey a product of both buck wheat and clover fields. The honey came from a bee keeper that has put hives on our farm in the past and is the 5th generation keeper in the area. His honey is labeled Natural Acres http://www.wnacres.com and available at several stores in the immediate area. This imperial saison delivers a very citrus/floral, aromatic nose with a typical Belgian farmhouse flavor punctuated by the honey. It exhibits the true Saison spicy finish due to its high fermentation temperature as well as from the buck wheat component in the honey. This beer is at 9.25 % ABV and is available on tap and in bottles shortly.

Some Like It Hop. 7.75% ABV This beer debuted last year with great following and we decided once again to bring it back.  This year’s rendition is hopped with Centennial, Cascade, Citra and Mosaic. There is a big fruity punch to this rendition and our intent is to keep this on tap potentially permanently.

Bottling: We just brought in 2,000 bottles and will be offering both Cherry and Raspberry Lambic, Apricot Berliner Weiss, Saison aged in a Chardonnay barrel, cinco granos, saison abeille and finally the Bourbon Barrel Breakfast Stout. Rumor has it that a pre- sale sheet has been started for the BBBS, see Kathryn for details.



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