Firkin Friday Presents: Wet Hop IPL! (Will be tapped this Friday @ 7:00pm)

The big craze at this time of year is to bring in wet hops (hops right off the bine) and brew an IPA. The flavor you get is different than what you see when you make beer from the dried hops during the remainder of the year as more of the volatile oils are present as well as the “hop water” from the cones (cones are about 80% water and the dried ones are well under 3% water). These beers are truly seasonal and thus tend to be available in limited quantities and you get them while you can!

In true Biloba fashion we looked into getting wet hops from the major hop growing areas in the Pacific Northwest, looked at shipping to our brewery and found the best we can do is get it here in approximately 24 hours. Well, we wanted to make one as fresh as possible and decided to pick our own hops in front of the brewery and at our mailbox in Brookfield then dry hop a Firkin of Mapils. So, from the time the hops were picked until they were in contact with the Firkin beer is under 30 minutes.

The hops are all Cascade whole cone and have been on the beer for 2 weeks this Friday. We really don’t know if they will plug the Firkin tap or how it will really taste, so why not come out on Friday at 7:00 and see for yourself! No matter what it will be a unique experience!

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