Sorachi Ace on Tap & in Bottles!

A Pale Ale collaboration beer made by Biloba Brewing LLC., and Stone Arch Brew House will be released to the public today at 7:00pm. This unique beer was brewed at the Stone Arch brew House in Appleton, WI and is based on a similar beer that was initially brewed by Bobby Fleshman during his time as a home brewer in the Appleton area.  The groundwork for Sorachi Ace Pale Ale was laid through several brainstorming sessions and multiple emails which culminated in the brewing of several small batch trials.

As a gesture to the artisan nature of the craft brewing scene, this beer was brewed with a new experimental malting variety called Full Pint, which provides a clean, slightly estery, and a bit tart & bready flavor to the final beer.

In addition, a large percentage of rye malt was also used to give the beer a unique spiciness. Sorachi Ace (a hop originally used in a Japanese lager beer) was used because of its’ unique Meyers lemon, citrus, dill & cilantro notes. The beer was fermented using a blend of both American and Belgian strains of yeast to add an additional layer of complexity.

The result of this unique brewing process created a hoppy pale ale with a malty, lemon, mandarin, and citrus nose with a distinctive malt flavor. This is followed by a lingering spicy, lemon, dill, citrus flavor that takes time to dissipate off the tongue.

“We are living in the great age of craft brewing and collaborating with others provides the opportunity to think outside the box while gaining another brewer’s perspective about formulation and technique. Stone Arch has a great crew and we will definitely collaborate in the future,” comments Gordon.

Gordon & Kristen (brewers) will be on hand to discuss the Sorachi Ace Pale Ale, which is meant to be consumed fresh in its’ youth, and vigilantly cold stored in the meantime.

Bottle 2

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