Saxon Cheese for Sale Starting Friday, July 3rd

Hi all,
Biloba will begin to offer Saxon Cheese for sale in the tasting room starting this Friday, July 3rd!
So, I’m sure you are wondering why this is coming about and what can a brewer know about cheese? First of all, I know cheese pairs well with beer. Secondly, I hold a valid cheese making license in the state of Wisconsin and spent several years making cheese in various locations. Today I still own a small cheese vat and practice my trade, when possible, in a licensed dairy mainly producing fresh curds as well as pressed aged cheese for our employees. During my tenure in the cheese industry, I graded cheese for both the company I worked for as well as the USDA. So although I brew beer (Kristen is now doing the majority of the work and doing very well), I also have made and graded cheese. I also know a good cheese when I taste it.
Saxon is a small, family owned cheese company located in Cleveland, WI that turns out some very tasty cheeses. I first met the cheese maker 5 years ago at an event and started a conversation about cheese making and my desire to make a small batch of Brie (never happened). What I did find out is that I liked their dedication to the trade and the animal husbandry that they practice, both the treatment of their herd as well as the product they produce. I liked the cheese over the years so much that Biloba hosted a beer pairing event back in February to introduce those in attendance to the multiple varieties and flavorful styles they produce.
So if you if you would like to sample some very fine cheese and purchase a wedge (while supplies last), stop at Biloba this Friday. Rest assured, this is just the start of some fine cheese we will be offering going forward. Follow us on social media so that you can participate in our next pairing event!
Here are the cheeses we will be featuring this week: Big Ed’s Gouda Style, Snowfields, Pastures, Saxony Alpine Style

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