1st Year Reflections

As we reflect on our first year of business, it is hard to believe that we are where we are now…Biloba would truly not exist if not for all of you, your continued support and your LOVE for beer!

We have definitely exceeded our goal of bringing the community together and forming long-lasting relationships with our customers; all the while working together as a team & family to help make this possible.

We learned very early on in the process that it would take a lot of work to “build” Biloba & luckily each family member brings their own strengths to the table, which is how we are able to operate as a team. Are there times that the 4 of us may not always see eye to eye? Sure (I suppose :)), however these moments are extremely rare because we are such a strong, goofy and loving family that all enjoy working together. Seeing customers’ smile, laugh, enjoy the atmosphere, and love the awesome beer concoctions that the “Wort Hog” & Kristen come up with is incredible to see.

The fact that we have taken what used to be a small space and turned it into an place for customers to flock to on a weekly (or daily) basis has been so rewarding, and we never take a single day for granted.

Every weekend we look forward to seeing familiar faces, and absolutely love meeting new customers!

Whenever anyone asks us about Biloba and how we are doing, it is the best feeling to say “Great!”, so hats off to a successful first year with many new brews & absolutely phenomenal customers!

~Team Biloba


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