We’re Tapping New Beers!

Beginning tomorrow, we will be tapping a series of beers that are both unique in style and taste. They are all single kegs of 12.5 gallons & are set to showcase aroma & flavor!

Our 1st beer that will be tapped is a Wit beer re-fermented with peach extract. It has a very subtle peach flavor that is intensified by the clean citrus nature of Wit beer.

Once the keg is gone, we will begin to feature individually hopped IPL (lagers). The lagers were aged in a barrel to enhance the overall flavor contribution as low as possible from the base beer.

These were then dry hopped at the equivalent of 4 lbs./barrel for a high hop BURST right at the start!

The 1st 4 beers in this series we dry hopped for 1 week, and then kegged them off as follows:

  1. German Mandarina Bavaria: Best known for having a fruity & citrusy Mandarin Orange flavor (thus the name)
  2. Citra: An intense citrus aroma & flavor with subtle grapefruit, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit, & lychee notes
  3. Simcoe: Distinctive aromas and flavor of passion fruit, pine, earth & citrus
  4. Mosaic: Concentrated aroma of mango, fresh pine, blueberry & citrus

Lastly, we have the barrel refilled & are on the look-out for other unique hops & intend to continue this series with an additional 4 beers!!!

Get ready to be blown away by Biloba’s unique and awesome concoctions!


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