Biloba Currant Affair – Firkin Friday!


This Friday at 7:00pm, we will be tapping our first cask-conditioned ale from a firkin, and will begin serving it at 8:00pm! It is made with our Wit (previously on tap) that contains a healthy helping of red currants and a small amount of raspberries to play off the slightly tart nature of the beer.

Since we are new to this, we will be tapping it in the brewery, as this may prove to be an exciting event!

What is a firkin? A firkin is a type of keg that contains “real ale”, also known as cask-conditioned ale. Cask-conditioned ale is beer that undergoes a secondary fermentation so it is naturally carbonated since the beer is put in the sealed firkin before fermentation is complete. The gas produced by the fermentation is then absorbed in the beer, which produces a gentle, natural carbonation. The beer tends to have more developed delicate flavors & allows us to add other ingredients to make a one of a kind adventure!

We are as excited as you are to see how this combination will taste and look forward to creating a new one every Friday!

So join us this Firkin Friday…it may prove to be one of the more exciting days of your week!

Click on the below link to see the tapping of a firkin & get ready to have some fun this Friday!

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