Grrrrrrrrowler Filling Begins Friday!

Grrrrrrrrowler Filling Begins Friday!

That is right Biloba beer lovers, the time has come and we are ready to sell and fill growlers!

Beginning tomorrow, April 25th, we will start selling Biloba growlers for $5.00, or you can bring your own growler to be filled.

The following beers will be offered for growlers:
Friday: Rye of the Wort for $10.00 & Saison on Oak for $16.00
Saturday: Saison for $10.00 & Golden Ale for $14.00

At this time, we are only filling growlers with the above selection of beer based on current availability.

On May 2nd, we will pre-fill 5 growlers of each of the beers we have available. The Russian Imperial Stout & Dark Cherry Lambic will NOT be included in the growler fills due to limited quantity.

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