What’s on tap this week?

What's on tap this week?

What’s on tap this week?

We will be serving the below selection of fine brews this Thursday through Saturday – Enjoy!

Section 25 (4.5% ABV): A tribute to the founding of Brookfield in 1836, this beer was the winner of our home brew contest and has an upfront (slightly) fruity nose with a strong malt backbone, accented by biscuit and creamy notes. Beer was made with ingredients that would have been grown in Wisconsin during 1836, including Cluster hops & a Koelsch yeast

Wit (4.5% ABV): Belgian white beer with a lemon citrus nose & a refreshing coriander and orange flavor. Body is velvety smooth from the addition of oats

Rye of the Wort (4.75%): Slightly spicy Pale Ale hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops to create notes of citrus

Saison (5.0% ABV): Peppery notes with bitter orange flavors. A true farmhouse ale that is refreshing & easy to drink

Hefe (5.2% ABV): Cloudy beer with upfront banana and clove aroma & flavor. Beer was fermented at a high temperature to help bring out the mixed fruit flavors experienced later in the taste

Saison on Oak (6.0% ABV): Peppery notes with upfront berry flavors (oak & a slight sour). Aged for 1 year in a Pinot Noir French Oak Barrel

Belgian Golden Ale (7.5% ABV): Coriander background with fruity notes & a Belgian funkiness

Black Cherry Lambic (7.5% ABV): Slightly sour garnet beer with hints of Door County cherries & piecrust. Aged for 6 months with 100 lbs. of Montmorency cherries in a Cabernet French Oak Barrel

Smokin’ Gramma (8.0% ABV): (Wee Heavy) Full body, dark brown, semi sweet malty beer with hints of vanilla & whiskey. Aged in a Rye Whiskey Barrel

Taster: $2.00
Flight (3 Tasters): $5.00
Glass of Beer: $4.00
Pretzel & Nacho Cheese Sauce: $4.00

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