Tasting Room Details

Tasting Room Details

Our occupancy load is 41 patrons, so please be patient as we try to accommodate everyone at our Grand Opening.

Biloba’s tasting room features 8 bar stools, five tables, 2 plush chairs & a bench situated to the right of the bar.

We do not have a television in our tasting room, so if you are a Badger fan (On Wisconsin!), we suggest that you stop by before the game begins.

Please Note:
All patrons will be asked to provide proof of identification prior to entering the building.

Acceptable forms of identification are as follows:
1. Driver’s License
2. State ID
3. Military ID
4. Passport

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Tasting Room Details

    1. We apologize for the very delayed response. We hope that you have been able to make it to Biloba and if not, please visit soon! We are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5:00 pm until close. Feel free to email us at info@bilobabrewing.com. Our email is checked daily.

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